No Rest(room) For The Wicked

, , , , | Right | April 12, 2021

I’m working the closing shift at a coffee shop in a downtown area. The store closes at midnight, but since my coworker and I have to clean the machines and the entire store, we leave the front door open with a chair holding a big red sign that says, “CLOSED.” We generally have some drunk guests try and come in, but they go away easily when we explain that the store is closed. This is the exception.

Outside, we hear a small argument and a girl pushes our chair aside and comes inside, very clearly drunk.

Customer: “Can I use your bathroom?”

Me: “Sorry, but our store is closed and we can’t have guests using the bathroom at this time.”

Customer: “Oh, I’ll just be a minute.”

Me: “We just cleaned back there, and since our store is closed, I do have to ask you to leave.”

My coworker comes out after hearing the conversation. He and I know full well that we haven’t cleaned up yet, as the store has just closed.

Coworker: “Feel free to use the bathroom, ma’am, as long as you’re willing to clean it for us.”

She rolls her eyes and storms into the bathroom. About five minutes later, she comes out of the restroom.

Customer: “Your bathrooms were f****** disgusting. I can’t believe you let people use them like that.”

Me: “We aren’t currently letting people use them; you just happened to ignore our explanations that the store is closed and the bathroom inaccessible.”

Customer: “I’m calling your manager and having you both fired.”

We never heard from her again.

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