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No Rest(room) For The Wicked

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I work at a café/bakery that has some indoor tables, but mostly outdoor ones. Due to the current health crisis, we have some restrictions in place, including not letting the customers use our restroom anymore. A regular and his five-year-old son walk in and make a couple of purchases.

Customer: “And by the way, can my son use your toilet?”

While we occasionally make exceptions, I know this customer, like most, lives close by, so I don’t consider it.

Me: “No, sorry. We’ve restricted it to staff only because of the health crisis.”

Customer: “Oh, I see… [Child]! You can’t use the toilet here. But I’ll help you pee in the garden in a moment. Why don’t you go outside already?”

I am absolutely dumbfounded by his suggestion, so it takes me a moment to reply while he gathers his purchases.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I absolutely cannot let your son pee in our garden. You may let him pee against a tree on the street for all I care, but this is private property.”

He left, confused and irritated, but thankfully, neither caused a scene, nor did the man let his child pee into our outside seating area.

We have several “Do not let your dogs poop/pee here” signs up in the garden. I guess we need one for customers and their kids, as well.

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