No Reply I Can Give That You’d Be Happy With

, , , , | Right | May 5, 2019

(I work for the customer service of a web-store. I get this call:)

Client: “I keep on mailing, but I just won’t get a reply!”

Me: “That is strange; all mails are answered.”

Client: “Oh, so, he’s doing this on purpose?!”

Me: “Let me look into your file… No, I don’t see any emails. I don’t think we received any. Where did you mail to?”

Client: “To Mister No-Ree-Plee.”

Me: “I don’t know that name; which department is he from?”

Client: “How should I know?! He always mails me when I order something, but never responds when I mail back.”

Me: *things start to clear* “Sir… are you talking about our ‘No Reply’ email address?”

Client: “Well, maybe you pronounce it like that… Go talk to him!”

Me: “Sir… ‘No Reply’ means you can’t respond to this email. If you want to contact customer service, you should use [address].”

Client: “Well, how was I supposed to know that?! And who have I been mailing with, then?!”

Me: “That would be our computer, then.”

Client: “Can’t you tell him to mail back that I used the wrong address?!”

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