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No Refunds Keep You In The Red, Or Black

, , | Right | December 25, 2017

(I’m a self-employed dressmaker, and in the run-up to Christmas I agree to fit in a rush order.)

Client: “I want a cloak, with a red lining and black outer.”

(I make, photograph, and send the cloak. After it arrives, I get the following feedback:)

Client: “The red fabric was nicer than the black. You should have put the red on the outside.”

Me: “I happen to prefer the red myself, but since you specified what you wanted, and this included having the red on the inside, that’s what I did.”

Client: “Well… I guess I’ll make it work.”

(I’m pretty sure they were angling for a partial refund, but I wasn’t going to give money off just because they changed their mind!)