No Rack Slack

, , , | Right | September 25, 2018

(I am in working in a women’s clothing shop and overhear this exchange between a mother and her young daughter as they are shopping. The daughter picks up a brightly-coloured top, which happened to be on the floor, and shows it to her mother.)

Daughter: “What about this one, Mom? I think it would look go on you.”

Mom: “No! It’s ugly; put it back!”

(The daughter, obviously sad her mom didn’t like her choice, goes to hang the shirt back on the rack. The mom rips it out of her hand and dumps it on the floor.)

Mom: “Did you find it on the rack?”

Daughter: *even more distraught than before* “Well, no…”

Mom: “You put it back where you found it. They have staff to clean up the mess!”

(She grabbed the daughter’s hand and pulled her away from me, as I got called to help as a cashier. I wanted to go to the girl and pick up the shirt and thank her for trying to help keep the store clean.)

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