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No Power To Stray From The Script

| Working | November 16, 2016

(Years ago, my brand new laptop just would not turn on. Our inspection indicated a faulty power cord. I called the company’s tech support, explained the problem, and and suggested the power cord be replaced. The tech guy began a script which was directly from the manual. I interrupted to say that those instructions had been tried and would not work in this case. He began the script anew. After multiple repetitions of this back and forth, he started again with the first instruction:)

Tech Support: “Turn on your computer.”

Me: *finally losing patience* “My computer WILL NOT turn on! That’s why I’m calling you!”

Tech Support: “Oh… um… Would you… Would you like to speak to my supervisor?”

(You’ve probably guessed what happened next. The supervisor got on the line and said, “First, I need you to turn on your computer.”)

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