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No Point Detaining Over Spilled Milk

| Learning | July 14, 2017

(I’m in lunch. I’m a senior. There’s a teacher this year nobody has seen around before.)

Friend: *spills milk* “Oh, dang it. I’ll go get some napkins…”

(Right when he leaves, the new teacher comes over.)

New Teacher: “Who spilled this?”

Friend #2: “Oh, [Friend #1] did; he’s just off getting some—”

New Teacher: “You guys stay here after lunch is over.”

(We’re all confused. [Friend #1] comes back and we fill him in. After lunch, we’re alone in the room when…)

New Teacher: “Who spilled the milk?”

(Friend #1 raises his hand.)

New Teacher: “Was it an accident?”

Everyone: “Yeah…”

New Teacher: “Was it from home or bought here at the school?”

Friend #1: “Bought at the school…”

New Teacher: “Okay, everyone but [Friend #1], leave. I want to talk to you, mister.”

(We all went to our very important algebra test, without late passes, all over just milk.)

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