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No Point Crying Over Un-Purchased Milk

, , , , | Right | November 3, 2018

(I work the customer service desk at a small, specialty grocery store, with health foods and an extensive vitamin department. Being such a specific type of store, most of our customers are regulars who come in more frequently than one might go to a typical grocery store. Management has recently decided to change our closing time from nine to ten pm. We have flyers advertising this plastered all around the store, at each register, and on the entrances for weeks in advance, and it is mentioned in our monthly newsletter and on our website. I open up the store at the usual time one Saturday, and a regular customer comes in the second I unlock the door. This particular woman is well-known since she comes in practically every day.)

Customer: “I need a manager.”

Me: “The manager on duty is still finishing his opening tasks; is there anything I can help with until he is available?”

Customer: “I needed some milk last night, but it was after nine, so I didn’t come in. Now I see you were opened later! Why wasn’t I informed?”

Me: “We have had signs up for several weeks now promoting our extended hours.”

Customer: “I come in here almost every day, and I never saw a single sign. And I had to go without my milk last night because I thought you were closed.”

(I am not sure what this lady wants from me, and before I can even say anything else, I see the MOD walking nearby, so I wave him over. The customer repeats her rant, and doesn’t even give him a chance to respond; she just keeps complaining about our horrible customer service, how unfair it is that she had to go without milk because we were not actually closed. Of course, the customer demands some sort of compensation, but my manager does not buckle. After she finally goes off to get her milk, he just stares it me.)

MOD: “I guess when we promote our new Sunday hours, we should call her first to make sure she is kept in the loop.”

Me: “Yeah, I would hate to cause an inconvenience by being open when she needed something.”

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