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No Point Crying Over Spilled Milk Chocolate

| Right | June 17, 2016

Customer: “How much is that?” *pointing to case*

Me: “I’m sorry, which piece?”

Customer: “The dark chocolate.”

(We have about ten dark chocolate choices.)

Me: “Oh, did you mean [product].”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well they’re fifty dollars a pound and each piece usually is about two dollars.”

Customer: “Fifty dollars each?!”

Me: “No, that’s for a pound. A individual is around two dollars; we weigh each individually.”

Customer: “Well, how many are in a pound?”

Me: “20-25, depending on weight.”

Customer: “How much would that be?”

Me: “For a pound, that would be fifty.”

Customer: “Well, I’ll just get these then.”

(She picks out a product where she has a choice of milk or dark or white chocolate.)

Me: “Okay would you like milk, dark, or white?”

Customer: “Hmm, I’ll go with milk.”

(I start to pick the milk.)

Customer: “No, I wanted the milk one!”

(I handed her the white chocolate and made the transaction and then lost all faith in humanity.)

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