No Point Crying Over Soyed Milk

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(I worked for a few years in the college dining services. Most of my job was to be a cashier or server at the dorm’s dining commons. I lived in the dorms so the residents knew who I was and would be friendly to me. But one night I was approached by a guest who was brought in to eat with her friend.)

Customer: “Hey, so I got this cereal, and I want to put milk on it, but I don’t know which one since I’m lactose intolerant.”

Me: “Oh, well, if you’re using the machine next to the soda fountain, you wouldn’t be able to use either because—”

Customer: “This is cereal. I have to put SOMETHING on it and not water. Besides – I don’t know for sure if I am lactose intolerant but I don’t want to find out the hard way you know?”

Me: “Ma’am, I understand that you feel that way. However, the only milks in that machine are whole milk and chocolate milk. If you are indeed lactose intolerant, you’d need soy milk, which we have in the back. Would you like me to get that for you?”

(The customer walks off in a huff, shouting to her friends:)

Customer: “See? I told you this b**** doesn’t know anything!”

(She approaches my coworkers to ask for the manager to make a complaint about the b**** (me) and meanwhile I’m sitting at my post dealing with other customers. My manager approaches me some time later:)

Manager: “Were you approached by a customer about milk?”

Me: “Yes, why?”

Manager: “She told me that you were being b****y to her and didn’t give her what she needed.”

(I tell my manager in detail my side of the story. She nods as I do.)

Manager: “Did you tell her we had soy milk in the back?”

(I nod.)

Manager: “Well, then why is she making a fuss over this? You gave her the answer she was looking for!”

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