No Point Crying Over Ruined Milk

| Right | April 2, 2017

(I work at a breakfast bar in a hotel and have just given a guest the tea he ordered. He sneers at it.)

Me: “Is there a problem, sir?”

Guest #1: “You didn’t put milk in it.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you ask.”

Guest #1: “I didn’t, but who doesn’t have milk in their tea?! It’s disgusting!”

Me: “I don’t.”

Guest #2: “Me, too.”

Coworker: “And me. I hate milk in general.”

Me: “If you don’t ask for milk we assume you want it black.”

Guest: *looking thoroughly aghast* “You SAVAGES!”

(The guest stomped over to the pitchers reserved for cereal, intending to use them for his tea. You could see the idea form in his head, though, and instead he picked up a pitcher and dumped his tea into it. He glared at us triumphantly before going to sit down. He was there for another hour, and whenever one of us walked past or looked at him, he grinned as though he had won some sort of battle. However, of the times he didn’t notice us we saw him struggling to consume his milk with tea seasoning. Once he was gone we searched for the pitcher, assuming he might have taken it with him. We found it behind a plant in the corner, with less than a tenth of it consumed. Such a waste!)

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