No Pink Bunnies, But Plenty Of Jackasses

| | Right | April 12, 2008

(During Christmas season, our large bookstore gets awfully busy. The phone rings.)

Me: “Hello, this is ***, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a book.”

Me: “Sure, I can help you out. Do you know the title?”

Customer: “Okay, so the book is about a bunny rabbit and I used to read it when I was a kid. It had a pink cover.”

Me: “…do you know the title, maybe?”

Customer: “Look, I’m very busy and I need this book for my kid. It’s about a bunny and the cover is pink. How many pink bunny books can there possibly be? Go look for it!”

Me: “Sir, we have no option in our search system regarding book covers–”

Customer: “Look. Go f***ing find it. I’m very busy!”

Me: “Sure, let me put you on hold for a little bit.” *click*

(Later, I found out that a customer came in looking for a pink bunny book and a ‘fruity sounding’ bookseller. I’m a girl.)

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  • Trillium

    WHY don’t bookstore shops got search by cover color? It seems a popular demand.

    • Aaron

      Partly because even the same books will have different colors, especially between hard and paperback.
      For instance, the book Redwall has a red hardback cover, but the paperback is purple with a different image

      • Trillium

        if I were a bookstore owner, I’d keep that all in a database
        that would greatly simplify the life of my employees
        it’s not that hard, for most books. not every book has as many re-prints as Shakespeare or Lord of the Ring

        • Dsru Bin

          I think you might be surprised how many books have been reprinted with completely different covers.

    • Samantha Phastine

      What if there’s more than one color on the cover, because there’s an actual image on the cover? Most books I own have complete images — lots of the copies of classic novels I own have classic paintings as their cover art.

      Or what about copies of the book being marketed as ‘Now a major motion picture’ with a copy of the movie poster, or some such nonsense? What color do they get filed under?

      • Trillium

        1) make a “image on the cover” and “now a major motion picture” flags
        2) such books normally have the spine and sometimes back cover of some simple color. File under that color with the above flags

        Seriously, a high-schooler can make a database that simple.

  • Rachel Schmachel

    The Velveteen Rabbit?