No Permission To Change Emission

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(This story takes place when emissions testing is required in Ontario. A customer brings his vehicle in to be tested because the government requires it. It does not pass, and the part necessary to replace is the tube running from the spot to put gas in your vehicle and the tank. It has rotted out. I call the customer to explain the issue.)

Me: “Hello, sir. We ran the test, and it did not pass. The tube going from your gas intake to your gas tank has rotted out. It needs to be replaced. We can replace it, parts and labour, for $125 and have your vehicle ready today.”

Customer: “$125? For a tube?! Why can’t you just fudge the numbers and make it pass?”

Me: “I am unable to do that. That is illegal and we will have our license taken to do emissions testing if we do not comply.”

Customer: “Come on! Can’t you just do it this one time? I am retired and cannot afford that.”

Me: “Of course sir. In that case, I can do it this one time. Your new bill will be $50,125. We will require payment before the work is done.”

Customer: “WHAT?! Why the f*** did the price jump so much?!”

Me: “Well, you see sir, the first offense for filing an illegal test is $50,000. That will need to be paid up front by you so I can pay the fine.”

Customer: *long pause* “Okay, I’ll pay to have the part replaced.”

(Amazing how people don’t want to do illegal things when they will be the ones paying the fine, isn’t it?)

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