No Patience For Bigots

, , , | Working | September 25, 2020

My friend and I — both women — decide to have a day out shopping while her husband takes their daughter for the day. It’s our first venture out without her daughter, so we decide to go to a locally-owned restaurant. It’s a small area, and I work in a very busy convenience store. At least half the town knows me, including the owner of the restaurant, which is why we decide to try it out.

We’re sat by the hostess and given menus. It’s not a busy section, but it’s not empty, either. The waiter comes out to take our drink orders, and he looks upset by something. I don’t think anything of it and go back to looking at the menu.

Neither of us notices at first because we’re chatting and trying to decide what to get, but after a while, I begin to realize he hasn’t come back to take our orders. He’s not even come back to give us our drinks. We look around and see people who we know were seated after us already eating. We really don’t understand, and I’m pretty confused by it.

I go to find our waiter or a hostess, but instead, I see the owner coming in. He recognizes me at once.

Owner: “Oh, hey there! You’re the [Convenience Store] girl! How are you enjoying it? I told you it’s good, didn’t I?”

Me: “Uh… I wouldn’t know. Did something happen to our waiter? Did he get sick or something?”

Owner: “What do you mean?”

Me: “We haven’t even gotten our drinks yet. We’ve sat for like… ten minutes? Fifteen? He took our orders, looked mad at something, and then hasn’t been back. There are people around us already eating who were sat after us.”

Owner: “What? I’ll go see what’s wrong.”

I go back to the table, where our drinks still haven’t appeared. She’s getting angry and I’m still wondering what’s going on. Shortly after, the owner shows up to take our orders, bring us our drinks, and bring the bill. He’s also the one to take the payment.

Me: “So, what happened? Did he get sick or something?”

Owner: “Don’t worry about it; we’ve got it taken care of. You both have a nice night, and I hope this didn’t ruin your date!”

That’s when we realized that the waiter was refusing to wait on us because he thought my friend and I were lesbians on a date. At least I got a good laugh out of it after. I still haven’t gone back, though.

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