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Has No Other Option Left

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(It is about halfway through the first term, and we have taken a few mini tests to prepare for our mock GCSEs after Christmas. One teacher really hates me, and goes out of her way to make my life a misery. I also have a swollen finger due to an infection.)

Teacher: “Silence from now, until all tests are taken in.”

Me: *raising my hand* “Miss, I can’t exactly write at the moment–”

Teacher: “Stop making excuses and write.”

Me: “But–”

Teacher: “NO! Say another word and you’ll be spending your lunch taking the test.”

(I then hold up my hand, which is wrapped in an ice pack, with a length of tissue paper that could cover my whole body holding the ice pack in place.)

Me: “I don’t think I can even hold a pen.”

Teacher: “Use your other hand.”

(Yes, she made me take the entire test with my left hand. And I could’ve turned around to use the computer behind me.)

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