No One Likes An Unsolicited Editor

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I am an aspiring writer and have completed my first book. I print it out and put it in a binder. I meticulously edit and improve it, updating my friends and family all the way.

One roommate thinks she knows better because she’s read more books than me and her grades were better in school. One day, I go home and find that my book has been marked to death, and even worse, certain scenes, including the best one, have been scratched out. I’m upset. I know I can just print it out again, but I decide to talk to my roommates anyway.

Me: “Did one of you mark up my book?”

Roommate #1: “Not me.”

Roommate #2: “Nope.”

Roommate #3: “Yeah, I improved it. I think it’s better this way.”

Me: “Could you not? I was working on it myself, and you edited out the best scenes. If I want your help, I’ll ask for it, but unless I do, don’t touch it.”

Roommate #3: “You’re such a witch sometimes! I made it better!”

Me: “No, you ruined it! Do you remember how upset [Roommate #1] was when her boyfriend destroyed her makeup palette as a prank? I felt like [Roommate #1] when I saw that you had destroyed my book. And don’t call me names.”

Roommate #2: “Really, [Roommate #3], you need to stop touching other people’s stuff. I know it was you who stole my shampoo, too.”

[Roommate #3] sulked the rest of the night and refused to speak to me for a week. I had to shred the old manuscript and print a new one, and this time I hid it somewhere only I could find it.

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