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No One Crumbled Over The Cookie

| Related | March 11, 2013

(My husband and I are out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with my family, six adults in all. My dad is sitting at one end of the table, and my mother is at the other. At the end of the meal, we always read our fortune cookies to each other.)

Dad: *reads his fortunes and laughs*

Mom: “What did you get?”

Dad: *smiles smugly* “I can’t say.”

Mom: “Oh, come on. Tell me.”

(He passes the fortune to my sister.)

Sister: *laughs* “He’s right, he can’t say.”

Mom: “Just tell me!”

(The fortune is passed from person to person down the table, and each person laughs and gives my mother the same response. All the while she is getting more and more upset with us, demanding that we tell her what is says. Finally, after being passed through every other family member, the fortune reaches my mother.)

Mom: *reading fortune aloud* “A modest man does not speak of himself.”

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