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No One Carts Away

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I’m sitting in my car outside a plaza, waiting on my friend who is shopping inside a grocery store. I hear a cart being wheeled towards me and look over to see a man, who I just saw walk out of the store with groceries, driving his car while simultaneously holding onto his cart and dragging it next to him.

He pulls up a ways in front of me, and I think he’s going to get out and walk the cart to the cart return in front of the store. Nope. He lets the cart go, in the middle of the road, and drives away.

I sit there in disbelief. If not for my child in the car I would go move it myself, but I see a couple walking up to the store and think that surely they’ll move it. Nope. They glance at it, grab a cart from the cart return, and go into the store. Another woman walks by, moves around the cart, and keeps walking towards the store. The automatic doors open and she promptly walks into the glass window next to the door.

Days later, I’m still wondering what the heck was going on with those people.

Question of the Week

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