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No One Can Take The New Car Smell From You

, , , | Working | July 19, 2020

I am super psyched because I have just bought a BRAND new car, and I am going down to get my car tag the same day, paying cash. I am totally bubbling with happiness. Maybe I am high on new-car smell.

When I finally get to the window, I smile at the clerk and proudly hand over my dealership papers. The clerk begins to process my request, looks at all my paperwork, and then glares at me.

Clerk #1: “I’ll need to see the window price sticker from the vehicle.”

Me: *Still smiling* “Really? Why?”

Clerk #1: “I need to see the VIN.”

The VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number. I cheerfully point it out on the paperwork.

Me: “It’s here.”

Clerk #1: “I still need to see your window sticker.”

I look at the long line of people waiting to be served. 

Me: “When I get back with it, can I just come back up to your window, since I’ve already waited in line? I am on my lunch hour.”

Clerk #1: “No. You’ll have to line up and wait your turn just like everyone else.”

I go four blocks down the street and get said paper from my glove box, my happy mood evaporating. 

I wait in line another forty-five minutes, all my new-car joy dampened. When I get up to the window, I am called over to a different clerk. I give her the paperwork I initially gave to the first clerk.

She rapidly processes my request, takes my money, and hands me a car tag. She NEVER asks about the window price sticker.

I look over at the previous clerk, who has been staring at me all through my interaction with the second clerk. I turn back to nice [Clerk #2] who’s just given me my tag.

Me: “Do you need to see my window sticker?”

Clerk #2: “Of, of course not! I got all the info from your sales papers.”

I glance back to [Clerk #1]. He just grins.  

Me: *Sighs* “Happy mood erased.”

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