No Oh

| Learning | February 3, 2014

(In English class, we are trying to write short stories.)

Friend #1: “Oh, f**k!”

(Our teacher slams his hands onto the table and almost yells in a very stern voice.)

Teacher: “What was that!?”

Friend #1: “Uh…”

(Everyone around is a little confused, since our teacher is usually very light-hearted and not serious at all.)

Teacher: “Did you just use—”

Friend #1: “Sorry, it just slipped!”

Teacher: “—THE ‘O-WORD?'”

Friend #1: “…excuse me?”

Teacher: “I’ll have you know, we don’t use the ‘O-word’ in this class.”

(Still keeping a straight face, the teacher resumes his rounds of the class.)

Friend #2: “Oh, I guess I’ll have to erase a lot of my story, then.”

(Our teacher immediately glared at him for having spoken the unspeakable again. His lessons were always a blast!)

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