No New Years’ Reprieve

, , , | Right | January 2, 2019

(It’s very quiet in the supermarket, as it’s still early in the morning. I’m packing my groceries, and since there is no one else, the cashiers start talking to each other. This is what I overhear.)

Cashier #1: “Did you hear we closed late on New Year’s Eve?”

Cashier #2: “I thought we would be closing early?”

Cashier #1: “Yeah, we were supposed to, but like, five minutes before closing, a party of five rushed in. They quickly loaded four carts with soda cans. You know, the ones from the special deal the day before.”

(My ears perk up and I actually start packing more slowly.)

Cashier #1: “I rang them all up, and when the lady had paid, she suddenly mentioned the special deal. I told her it wasn’t part of the deal anymore. It took me, and the manager, like ten minutes to convince her they were no longer in the deal. So, she said she no longer wanted them. and I had to return every single can. I left my register to get that lady’s money because I didn’t have that much left. The manager remained behind to keep an eye on them.”

Cashier #2: “But that shouldn’t have taken that long?”

Cashier #1: “It didn’t, but when I returned, the lady said she had changed her mind! I had to scan all the cans again!”

Me: *accidentally piping up* “Did that lady even apologize?!”

(The cashiers look at me, but considering how loud they have been speaking, it was quite hard to miss it.)

Cashier #1: “No, but I did tell her that we were supposed to close 45 minutes earlier and that we now all had to stay longer because of this. She didn’t say anything when she finally left!”

(Sorry for eavesdropping, ladies!)

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