No Need To Voice Your Concerns

, , , , | Working | June 4, 2018

(I recently finished a project for a children’s educational facility. Some people don’t know that programmers often have to develop such things before any artwork is created. We make placeholder graphics and sound — anything from stick-figures to images and sound stolen from the web — until proper media can be made. One such item is a short phrase I spoke that plays randomly every few minutes. For the final stages before a major event at the facility, I have to show up onsite to tweak a few things. It is technically my day off, so I show up unannounced when I feel like it. There is a young lady at the entrance desk, and there are gobs of children running around all over the place who are nominally monitored by a few parents and teachers.)

Me: “Um, hi. I’m [My Name], looking for [Colleague] regarding one of the exhibits.”

Receptionist: “Oh, yes. He’s not here right now, but let me give you his cell phone number.” *she calls off the number*

Me: “Thank you.”

Receptionist: “No problem. Here’s a visitor’s badge, and let me find the key to the unit.”

Me: “Thank you?”

(At this point I’m bewildered. These days, venues with small children are almost guarded like Fort Knox — thankfully — and she is giving me, a mystery middle-aged guy, VIP treatment without asking to see any ID. I look at her strangely.)

Receptionist: “That thing kept playing a message at random all day the other day, so I recognized you by your voice and figured you were here for that.”

Me: “Oh! Sorry about that.”

(I laughed when I realized just how crazy my non-stop message must have made her. It was the first and only time I had ever been positively identified by my voice. Removing the random message was one of the final requests made for the project. Good riddance to it.)

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