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No Need To Get Heated

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My brother and his girlfriend are visiting a friend when their new puppy goes into heat. They don’t want her making a mess of the friend’s house, so [Brother] heads out to a nearby grocery store to get some baby diapers as he heard they were a good idea for dogs.

He gets to the aisle, and two other people are there. A woman is looking at diapers, and an older woman is looking at soap on the other side of the aisle. [Brother] realizes that he has no idea what size to get, so he calls his girlfriend, who stayed behind with the dog. She’s drunk.

Girlfriend: “You’re going to have to figure that out yourself.” *Hangs up*

So, [Brother] starts Googling what size baby diaper to get the dog. The old woman looking at soap comes over to my brother.

Old Busybody: “Was that your wife? You must be a young couple.”

Now, this is obviously none of her business in hindsight, but [Brother] likes to be nice and make conversation.

Brother: “My girlfriend, actually.”

But before he can explain anything else, the old busybody’s expression sours.

Old Busybody: “People like you are what’s wrong with the world!” *Stomps off*

Brother: *Bewildered* “But it’s for a dog!”

The other woman who was looking at diapers started laughing so hard, she had to take her mask off. The old busybody just glared and kept going.

[Brother] went home and told his girlfriend what had happened, and she laughed, too. She kind of wished she had gone, because, drunk or not, she would have sassed that old busybody up and down the aisle.

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