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No Need To Fish For Compliments, But She Swims Like One!

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I’ve been teaching swimming lessons for over twenty-five years now. I pride myself on seeing the best in children, but last week I was humbled… by a five-year-old.

A new season starts and I meet my new group. I’m fairly small, and most of my students are about my height or surpass me. Suddenly, I spot a girl who barely reaches my waist.

Me: “Oh, hello! Are you new?”

The child nods.

Me: “And are you in my group?”

The child nods again.

Me: “And what is your name?” 

I check my list and she’s not on there. 

Me: “You’re not on my list, but don’t worry; we’ll sort this out! We’ll find out which group you’re in, in no time! [Teacher], can you take over while I go to [Administrator] and get her to her class?”

I take the girl to the administrator, who seems to know every kid and where they swim by heart. 

Me: “[Administrator], I’ve got a lost child here! This is [Child] and she thought she was in my group.”

Administrator: “Oh, hello, [Child]! Well, she’s right. She is in your group.”

Me: “What? Are you sure?”

Administrator: “Yes, of course! Did I forget to put her name on your list? I’m so sorry, that’s my mistake. But don’t worry; she’s absolutely in your class.”

Me: “Oh… eh… sure.”

While we walk back, I start thinking about how I should adapt my lessons so she can keep up with the older kids. I thank the other teacher for taking over and give the first assignment.

And, as you guessed… the kid is wonderful! She keeps up with everyone and is even faster than some! My jaw almost drops.

At the end of the class, I always compliment the children on their efforts. Then, I turn to my new five-year-old.

Me: “And you… you probably didn’t know it, but you taught me a lesson today! I hope I can be your teacher for a long time!”

I wasn’t, by the way. She was too good for my group and I handed her over to the next one, which was more challenging for her.

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