No More Miss Cleo For You

| | Right | February 2, 2008

Me: “Thank you for calling guest relations. This is *** speaking. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes. One of your hotels stole something from me and I would like you to return that item to me or I will sue you.”

Me: “We will certainly conduct an investigation. What property was it left at?”

Customer: “The [hotel chain name].”

Me: “Ok…what city and state?”

Customer: “The [hotel chain name]!”

Me: “I understand which brand name…can you please tell me the location of the property?”

Customer: “It’s on Bradford.”

Me: “Ok, and what city and state is that in?”

Customer: “By the ocean.”

Me: “Ok….which city and state?”

Customer: “Florida. It’s not my job to tell you where it’s located…”

Me: “Well, as I’m sure you can appreciate, we have over 3,000 properties in the US alone. So I will need you tell me which City in Florida this is located…”

(Customer provides name of city.)

Me: “Ok, great. And this is the [hotel chain name] on Bradford, correct? So what is missing?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “You don’t know?”

Customer: “No. I visited my psychic this week, and she told me that one of the employees at that hotel where I just came from this past weekend, stole something from me. The employee is female with dark hair and her name starts with an ‘M’.”

Me: “Ok…but can you tell me what you’re missing please? That way I can have this documented and the hotel can investigate the situation.”


Me: “Ma’am, I certainly apologize for any inconvenience experienced…but I’m sure you can appreciate that I would need to know what was taken to forward over to the hotel. Have you gone through your items?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “And?”

Customer: “I can’t find anything. But your hotel better return my items or I will sue you!”

Me: “I’d love to help you. Please call us back when you have discovered what was missing. Thank you.”

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