No Money, More Problems

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I take orders for surgical recovery equipment. The father of a young patient calls three hours after our shipping cutoff time.

Caller: *Kindly* “Hello, I would like to order a package of equipment for my son. He had surgery today.”

Me: “Okay, sir. Just so you’re aware, it will be shipped tomorrow and will arrive the next day.”

Caller: *Sighs* “That’s not ideal, but okay.”

I complete his order and get to the method of payment.

Me: “We do require a credit card on file. It will be billed for your rental when your equipment ships.”

Caller: “I don’t have a credit card.”

Me: “Well, we do require payment before shipping the equipment. You could do a check on delivery and the courier would deliver your payment to us. However, there is an $11 fee for this service.”

Caller: “You know what? I think you are just greedy! You are a horrible human being! This is for a child and you are denying him his comfort because we don’t have any money!

Me: “Sir, if you don’t have money, how did you expect to pay for our services?”

Caller: “That isn’t your business. I have half a mind to take my business elsewhere. All I know is that you are selfish and greedy. I hope you don’t have children because you don’t deserve them! You would be a horrible mother and they would probably die because you are too greedy to provide for them!”

I do have an infant daughter. This is too far.

Me: “Sir, I do not make company policy. I am just an employee. However, I do, in fact, have a child and you have taken the abuse a step too far. If you called to cheat us out of money and abuse me until I gave in to your demands, you are wasting your time. I am sorry you can’t provide this equipment for your son, but I will not stand for this. If you are inclined to continue, you are welcome to take your ‘business’ elsewhere.”

Caller: “I’m calling your supervisor tomorrow! Mark my words!”

He did, in fact, call the next morning. My coworker spoke to him and also would not supply him with the equipment without prior payment and hung up on him when he began his tirade again.

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