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No Matter The Language, They’re Just Not Getting It

, , , , | Right | May 20, 2021

I work in a multi-national call center in Germany. I’m the only native English speaker; therefore, all UK calls are routed to me.

A customer is trying to get a specific security service with his vehicle that’s incompatible with his specific model. He tries screaming, threatening my job, and…

Caller: “I demand to speak to the manager!”

Me: “There isn’t one; serious concerns are forwarded to the district manager who writes us back and advises which actions we can take.”

After all his attempts prove futile, he finally hangs up and I think that’s the end of it. About twenty minutes later, I get an instant message from a coworker in the French department.

French Coworker: “Hi, I have a UK customer on the line here. I think he dialed the wrong number. Can you take this call, please?”

Me: “Sure thing, put him through.”

It’s the same caller. We go through another ten-minute round, back and forth, with me explaining that his model is in… com… pat… ti… ble with the service he wants before he hangs up. My phone rings later.

Spanish Coworker: “Hi, this is [Spanish Coworker] from the Spanish department. I have a UK customer; can you please help him?”

You can’t be serious! Yeah, it’s him again. Another instant message:

Italian Coworker: “Hi, [Italian Coworker] from the Italian department. I have an English call…”

Don’t worry. It’ll end soon; there are only two more languages left to call and bother only to get bounced back to me AGAIN. And yes, he rings them both.

Thinking it’s the end of it, I have a chuckle before my phone rings again:

Japanese Coworker: “Good afternoon, this is [Company] at the office in Tokyo, Japan. An English-speaking customer has called our number, but we are not qualified to assist in this language. May we transfer this call?”


Yeah, it was him.

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