No Masking Their Confusion

, , , , , | Working | June 21, 2021

After more than a year of always making sure I have a mask on before leaving the house, it finally happens that I slip up and forget to don one before heading out. I’m already on the bus to the mall when I realize and the bag I have on me, of course, doesn’t have a spare mask, so I improvise and wrap a cardigan around my mouth and nose. At the mall, I head straight for the first drugstore.

Employee: “Excuse me! Hello!”

I stop and turn because I do think she means me, as I am standing out with my big, gray cardigan.

Employee: “You cannot come in here without a mask.”

Me: I’m so sorry, I forgot my mask. I was just coming in here to buy one!”

Employee: “Yes, but you can’t shop without a mask on. You need to go to the cash register and get one there.”

There was no sign or anything indicating this, but I quickly head to the registers. The cashier there has just finished a transaction and I sidle up.

Me: “I’m so sorry for cutting in, but I really need to buy a mask.”

Cashier: “You’ll need to go over there and get one.”

They point toward the inside of the store where the masks are.

Me: *Confused* “Oh? Your colleague sent me over here to get one.”

Cashier: “I don’t have any masks at the register, so you’ll need to get it yourself.”

Even more confused, and hoping that the first employee won’t stop me again, I gun it down the straight line to where the masks are, grab one, and head back to the register, getting in line to buy it.

Cashier: “This whole mask thing is dumb, anyway.”

Well, nice if your job says you don’t need to wear one because you are considered safe enough behind your plastic sheets. The rest of us have to wear masks to be in the store. And I know the first employee was making sure I was following the rules, but I was about three steps away from the masks when she stopped and sent me elsewhere. At least now I am making sure every bag I have has a spare mask.

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