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No Longer With Child

| Related | June 30, 2014

(My grandmother and I are waiting at a bus stop. In front of us are a group of teenage boys and a young woman, maybe in her mid-20s. While we are waiting, the woman suddenly gives the most horrified gasp I have ever heard and runs off in the direction of the shops.)

Teenage Boy: *snickers* “Bet she forgot her lipstick.”

Grandmother: “Bet she forgot her child.”

Teenage Boy: *gives her a weird look*

(A few minutes later, the woman returns – pushing a stroller with a small baby sitting obliviously inside. The boys’ mouths fall open in astonishment and the woman is red-faced and keeps her head down as she lines up again.)

Grandmother: *to me* “I did the same thing to your mum once.”

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