No Longer Just Playing At Playing It Safe

| Friendly | April 28, 2014

(My friend and I are both female students in our junior year of college. We’re walking back to our cars after a night class. The campus is fairly dead at his hour, but not so much that we’d have an issue if we ran into trouble. Better safe than sorry, though. As we make our way down a footpath, a male student I vaguely know quickly passes us, giving us as wide a berth as he can. He gets about eight feet in front of us when I hear a sharp crackling: my friend has pulled out and armed a taser.)

Me: “Holy s***, [Friend]!”

Friend: “What? Can’t be too careful.”

Me: “That’s true, but isn’t that a bit, y’know, excessive? I know him, kind of; he’s okay. And he’s like forty feet away now. Oh, look, now he’s getting in his car. And driving away.”

Friend: “Yeah, ’cause he heard it. Probably scared him off.”

Me: “I’d run away too if I was minding my own business and a stranger started passive-aggressively threatening me with a taser! It’s good you want to stay safe, but… geez.”

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