No Longer Free To Complain

, , , , , | Working | January 14, 2018

(I’ve pulled into a fast food drive-thru to buy a drink after a long day at work. There are only two cars ahead of me, but the way this restaurant is set up, the drive-thru is at the back of the restaurant along with the waiting car spots while the doors are around the front. The staff never park cars because they have to walk all the way around the restaurant to bring out the orders. They are also notoriously slow in putting orders together, so it’s about five minutes before the first car gets their order, and over five minutes more before the next car gets theirs. I usually don’t complain, but I’m already frustrated as yet again their shake machine has broken down, so I have to get a soda instead. By the time I get to the window I am ready to ask for a manager. The server has my drink in hand.)

Server: *before I can say anything* “You don’t need to pay.”

Me: “What?”

Server: “You don’t need to pay; it’s free.”

(There was no way I could complain after that.)

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