No Longer Filling The Filing  

, , , | Working | October 22, 2019

I was asked by the boss lady to keep an eye on the filing. Human nature being what it is, most colleagues were prone to putting the documents in the correct folder at best or correct box at worst, but not the correct place. I did what was requested, keeping an eye and confronting my colleagues and asking politely but firmly that they put the documents in the correct order. 

Fast forward about two months. I was told not to bother anymore. There were too many complaints about me being too strict about the filing. 

Fast forward another month or so. I was asked to find a document that had been wrongly filed since I was asked to step down and could not be traced. I politely declined since I was no longer in charge of filing.

And, yes, the document remained lost and no, I was not asked to take the filing back under my wing.

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