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No ID, No Idea, Part 35

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(I work in a small convenience store that is family-owned. We’re located out in the country, so most of our customers also live in the country or are families traveling. We get a lot of teenagers that think that, since we’re out of town, we don’t hold up rules as in-town stores would. A very young-looking man comes up to the counter with a case of beer.)

Customer #1: “I need this and [Snuff Brand].”

Me: “Sure thing. May I see an ID?”

Customer #1: *looking shocked* “What? Don’t I look 21?”

Me: “I’ll be honest; you look 15. But either way, I have to ID everyone that looks under 40.”

Customer #1: “Well… uh… I don’t have my ID on me, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not for me. It’s for my grandpa. He’s in a wheelchair and can’t drive.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, but even if it’s not for you, I can’t sell to you.” *I take the case of beer and put it behind me to restock later* “Again, sorry. Have a good night.”

(He stammers, trying to find an excuse, but walks back out to his truck and just sits there, talking to anyone that passes by him. Then, a regular of mine comes in after the boy stops him. He grabs the same type of beer and comes to the counter.)

Customer #2: “Can I also get [Snuff Brand]?”

Me: “Sorry, I saw that boy talk to you after failing to show ID for these same things, so I’m going to have to refuse today. I don’t think either of us want to go to jail.”

Customer #2: “All right, no problem. See you later.”

(A couple hours go by and another young man comes in and walks straight to my counter.)

Customer #3: “Can I get [Cigarette Brand]?”

Me: “Do you have an ID?”

Customer #3: *with a confident smile* “Oh, it’s not for me. It’s for my grandpa back home.”

Me: *jokingly* “Let me guess. He’s in a wheelchair and can’t drive.”

Customer #3: “Yeah! How’d you know?”

Me: *long pause* “Without a legal ID, I can’t sell to you. Sorry, have a good night.”

(He leaves, looking defeated, but I notice he is in the same truck as [Customer #1]. It’s now an hour before closing. A police officer is chatting with me and just hanging out to make sure I’m all right as I shut everything down. He generally stands off around the side to stay out of the way, which in turn means he’s not usually noticed right away. A truck pulls in. It’s the one the boys were in earlier. I quickly give the officer an overview of what’s been going on. Then, yet another young man exits the truck, comes in, and walks to my counter.)

Customer #4: “I need a [Snuff Brand] and a case of [Beer]. It’s for my grandpa; he can’t drive himself here.”

Me: *mentally beating him already* ” Do… you… have… an ID?”

Customer #4: “Yup. Here you go.”

(I take the ID. And he looks similar to the picture, but enough to look like a brother. But it’s also law to have the person state their age aloud as a precaution when checking ID. According to the year on the ID, he should be 25.)

Me: “All right, can you state your age?”

Customer #4: “…23?”

Me: “All right… Obviously you and your friends think I’m stupid. All of you have come in here trying to buy alcohol or tobacco, and to make it worse, I keep getting the same story of a sick grandfather. Now you bring me a fake ID. I can’t confiscate this, but you or your friends come in here again tonight, I’m sure a police officer would love to hear about how badly an old man in a wheelchair needs a beer. Have a good night.”

Customer #4: “I don’t know what you’re talking about! That’s not a fake ID! You just can’t do math! That’s probably why you work here and not at a real job, you dumb b****! Now sell it to me or I’ll get you fired!”

(The police officer now steps around the corner to be clearly seen.)

Officer: “Hi. Maybe I can help?”

(He bolted out so quickly he hit his face on the door because he was running faster than it would open. The officer told me later that he was arrested after he tried the same thing at a different store, became unruly, and refused to leave without his beer. Nights like that make me so happy that I’m about to finish school and that my job field will not include entitled con ”artists.”)

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