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No ID-ea What They’re Talking About

, , , | Working | December 13, 2019

(I’ve ordered some clothes online, and I go to pick them up in-store. The store asks for ID to pick up an online order, to prevent theft. When the cashier asks for a driver’s license, I hand my ID over, as I don’t drive.)

Cashier: “No, I need a driver’s license.”

Me: “I don’t have one. Just a standard ID.”

Cashier: “Then I can’t give you your order.”

Me: “Really? Do I have to learn to drive to pick up my order?”

Cashier: “We have to verify that you’re the one that placed the order.” 

Me: “So… you’d need something that could identify me?”

Cashier: “Yes ma’am.”

Me: “Like an ID?”

Cashier: “No, we can only use a driver’s license.”

Me: “Can you get your manager?”

(Thankfully, the manager understood the purpose of an ID and gave me my order.)

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