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No Hungry For Old Men

, , , , | Working | August 17, 2019

(I work delivery for one of the most used delivery services. I have to train new hires. It’s my least favorite part. They’re obnoxious, clumsy, and disrespectful. One day, I get a fifty-something-year-old man. He seems okay. At first. After four hours working, I stop.)

Me: “You want to get something to eat?”

New Hire: “No!”

Me: “You sure? I can keep going, but you’d better eat now so you don’t get hungry later.”

New Hire: “I’m good! Let’s keep going!”

(Soon after, he kept complaining how hungry he was. Again, I offered to stop. Then he would say no. Fed up, I told him to stop complaining, then. He started grumbling. When we got back to the center, he told my boss that he’d begged me to stop and I refused! I don’t know how a 50-year-old man gets to act like a toddler.)