No Gratitude Just Attitude

| Working | December 3, 2015

(It’s review time at the pizza place I work at, and have worked at for nine years. Every, and I mean EVERY, review I’ve gotten, up till the year my girlfriend’s sister got promoted to manager, was perfect. I would get ‘exceeds expectations’ on all categories, but now that her sister gives me my reviews, my attitude is all of a sudden the worst they’ve ever seen. Keep in mind I’ve been here longer than all my managers and the GM so I don’t just roll over if I feel like they’re being unfair. I know every aspect of my job and perform as best I can every shift.)

Manager: “I gave you an ‘exceeds’ on quality because you’re the best in the whole company and everyone knows that.”

Me: “Yup.”

Manager: “I gave you a ‘does not meet expectations’ on these others again because of your attitude.”

Me: “Explain.”

Manager: “You just put off a vibe and everyone is afraid to talk to you.”

Me: “Have you gotten any complaints from customers or employees about this ‘fear?’”

Manager: “No, but even the managers don’t want to tell you anything because they think you’ll flip out on them.”

Me: “I’ve worked here for nine years and NEVER ‘flipped out’ on anyone, manager or otherwise.”

Manager: “Like I said, it’s just a vibe you put out.”

Me: “Does this vibe affect my work? Do I stop other people from doing their work? Do I treat customers with disrespect?”

Manager: “No, your work is perfect; you make the best pizzas in all the stores.”

Me: “We’ve talked about this before, in my last review, and we agreed that if I was putting off this ‘vibe’ that you were supposed to tell me in the moment so that I could correct it.”

(In other words, you haven’t said one word to me since my last review and none of the other managers have had to correct any behavior either. So, I have to conclude that I haven’t done anything wrong.)

Manager: “See, this is the attitude I’m talking about. You’re just supposed to sit there and listen, but you always have to question everything I say.”

Me: “I’ve worked here a long time and dealt with a lot of managers that didn’t like me, but none were ever crazy enough to put their hate down on a review with their name on it that goes to the home office. So, yes, if you want to write lies about my work ethic and habits I am going to question and fight it. You have no proof, you didn’t keep to our last agreement, and I’m not signing this. If you have a problem with that, then we can bring the general manager into the conversation.”

Manager: “I will, because obviously you haven’t heard anything I’ve said.”

(She stormed off with a huff, and I went back to work.)

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