No G(Lint) Of Intelligence

| Learning | December 9, 2015

(I’m doing laundry in my dorm’s laundry room. After I take my things out of the dryer, I start cleaning off the lint trap. Another student stops what he’s doing and stares at me.)

Student: “What are you doing?”

Me: *puzzled* “Cleaning off the lint trap?”

Student: “The h***’s a lint trap?”

Me: “It… It gets the lint off of clothes.”

Student: “What are you doing that for? That’s so gross.”

Me: “You have to clean it off.”

Student: “Why?!”

Me: “For one thing, to keep the dryer sanitary. For another, if too much accumulates it could catch fire while the dryer is running.”

Student: *gasp* “Really?”

Me: *nods slowly*

Student: “Oh, my god! Why would they install dryers that have something so dangerous in them?! Thank you so much for warning me! From now on, I’m taking all my laundry home, where it can’t catch on fire!”

Me: “Wait, that’s not what I—”

(He grabs his laundry basket and sprints out of the laundry room. I still wonder if anyone’s told him that pretty much every clothes dryer produced now has a lint trap, and that the actual risk for fire is pretty minimal.)

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