No Forking Way

, , , | Right | December 25, 2020

I work in a small bakery inside a supermarket. This occurs in November 2020.

Customer: “One piece of this cake here, please. And can I have a fork to eat that with?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but due to current health regulations, we do not offer seating at the moment.”

Customer: “But I can eat it outside!”

Me: “We do not offer seating outside, either.”

Customer: “I can still eat it outside!”

Me: “You want to stand outside in the parking lot and eat cake? In winter?”

Customer: “Yes! Now can I have a fork?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have any single-use cutlery. And I can’t be sure you won’t just take the fork with you if you use it outside.”

Customer: “So, no fork?”

Me: “No.”

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