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No, Fine Dining In Greece Hasn’t Gone To The Dogs

, , , | Learning | September 27, 2021

Some of my relatives come from Greece, and this is probably why some of the other students in my class loved to ask me whether we ate dogs at home while flaunting a mock-concerned expression. When I told them people don’t eat dogs in Greece, they would gleefully inform me that they had eaten dog while in Greece. “The waiter told me so himself!”

I found it to be an odd lie, but as these kinds of statements would usually come from students who were very fond of attention, I figured it was just one of the many lies they told to get attention and/or bully me. It was just odd that three people in my class told the same lie.

The summer before I started my last year at that school, my family and I went on vacation to Corfu. This time the vacation was a bit more interesting, as we spent time with some of the friends of my family who had kids who could speak English.

Most of them were a couple of years older than me. All of them either worked as waiters in restaurants or had done so earlier, so of course, I told them about my idiotic classmates and their ridiculous statements about eating dogs. I expected them to be annoyed about the implicit racism, but instead, they all laughed. It turns out that if guests in the restaurant were rude, they’d tell the guests that they had just eaten dog, hoping that the rude guests would vomit. They’d figure that since rude guests usually didn’t tip well anyway, they might as well be rude back.

When I came back to school after the summer, one of the girls in my class came to me and asked in the most innocent tone if I had eaten dog during my vacation.

Me: “I told you already: they don’t eat dogs in Greece!”

Classmate: “Yes, they do. I already told you the waiter told me so himself.”

Me: “And had you, by any chance, been rude to him before he told you this?”

Classmate: “…”

Me: “Yeah, he was trying to make you vomit as payback for your rudeness. I hung out with several people who work as waiters this summer and they all said that this is a very common way to get payback.”

Cue several other classmates looking embarrassed. Funnily, none of the idiots ever repeated their ridiculous claim again.