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No Excuse(d) For His Behavior

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I show up to work to find it’s extremely busy. As usual, I head over to the service desk to talk to the supervisor to see what they want me to do. The express registers are connected to the service desk, and with how busy it is, the lines to the express registers are so long that customers are blocking the entrance to the service desk.

I politely excuse my way past all the people to get into the service desk, quickly chat to my supervisor who tells me to open up on a bulk register, and turn to leave the service desk again. Once again, the entrance is blocked by a line of customers.

Me: “Excuse me.”

All the customers shuffle out of the way except for one man who’s standing directly in the entrance.

Me: “Excuse me.”

The man doesn’t respond.

Me: “Sorry, can I get past?”

The man still doesn’t acknowledge me, even though I am literally standing right next to him, so I decide I have no choice but to squeeze past him. As I do, he moves forward a bit and I accidentally step on his foot.

Me: “I’m sorry.”

He gives me an angry look but still says nothing, so I begin to walk away.

Customer: “Hey! You there!”

I turn to see the man looking at me.

Customer: “Just say excuse me next time. How was I supposed to know you wanted to get past? You can’t just push through. You have to say something or I won’t know you’re there.”

Not wanting to start anything, I just agree.

Me: “Of course. Sorry about that.”

I head over to a register and start putting some customers through. I think that’s the end of it, but ten minutes later, the customer suddenly wanders up to my register and begins angrily lecturing me on the importance of saying excuse me when someone’s blocking your way, all while I am trying to serve another customer.

Once he finishes, he storms off. My current customer, a sweet old lady who looked shocked through the whole ordeal, turns to give me a concerned look.

Me: “I said excuse me twice and he didn’t move, so I pushed past him and accidentally stepped on his foot.”

Other Customer: “I’d have just told him he’s an idiot who needs to buy some hearing aids, but I guess you’re not allowed to say those kinds of things, are you?”

Me: “Sadly not.”

Question of the Week

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