No End(erman) Of Kindness In Sight

, , | Hopeless | April 3, 2017

(I am at a small table set up inside the store, trying to get people to sign up for our company’s credit card. A father and his son, who is no older than seven, walks up. One of my coworkers is next to me and asks the little boy about his shirt.)

Coworker: “Do you play Minecraft?” *pointing to his Minecraft shirt*

Boy: *shyly nods*

(I happened to purchase one of the Minecraft blind boxes earlier and had the small toy at the table with me.)

Me: *shows him the cow toy* “I like Minecraft, too!”

Parent: “Oh, look, [Kid]! She likes Minecraft, too. We’ve been buying those boxes, too.”

Me: “Yeah, they’re really cute. I’m trying to get the Enderman.”

Parent: “You know they have codes on them, right?”

Me: “Really? That’s awesome. I have to look them up!”

Parent: “Yeah, well, have a good day!”

Me: “You too!”

(The two leave to find his wife and shop around the store. I push the encounter to the back of my mind as I am doing my job. About 30 minutes later, the kid comes back with one of the small Minecraft boxes in his hand. He shyly hands it to me.)

Me: “Oh, did you get another one?”

Parent: “It’s the Enderman one. He wanted to give it to you just in case you still wanted it.”

Me: *overwhelmed with happiness because he was nice enough to find it and bring it to me* “Oh, my gosh, thank you so much!”

(I thanked both the parents and the little boy. That little boy doesn’t know how much he made my day.)

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