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No Employee Makes Enough Cheddar To Deal With This

, , , | Right | CREDIT: i-contain-multitudes | May 6, 2022

My sister is craving a cheddar jalapeño bagel, so my mom decides to go to a chain café to get one for her. It is ten minutes before closing, and they go through the drive-thru. My mom orders the cheddar bagel for my sister, plus some other things for the rest of the people at home, including a coffee cake.

Employee: “You’re lucky; you’re getting the last ones of everything you’re ordering!”

My mom pulls up to the window to pay and receive the food, and the drive-thru gal — about nineteen — is crying and apologizing profusely.

Employee: “The people in front of you stole the food!

Mom: “How did that happen?!”

Employee: “I made a mistake and I was about to give them the wrong order, but I realized my mistake before handing it over and said so out loud. They then reached out and grabbed the bag from me! They said, ‘You can’t have it back now; it’s cross-contaminated!’ And then, when I called for my manager, he was busy, and their order wasn’t ready yet, so I just had them pull up to wait for their food and they did.”

My mom is a really loving person, so she tries to reassure the employee.

Mom: “It’s okay, we don’t really need the food. And I’m not mad, really!”

In the meantime, the manager comes over to ask what is happening. The employee tells him and he is shocked.

Manager: “Is the [Car] parked out front the people who took the food?”

Employee: “Yes.”

He started going out to talk to the people in the car, and at that moment, they stepped on it and zipped out of the parking lot.

So now, those people had not only stolen my mom’s order, which were the last items, but they hadn’t even received their order! But the good news is that the manager had been saving a cheddar bagel for himself and gave it to my mom, free of charge.

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