No Days Off, The Store Has You Now  

, , , | Right | September 5, 2019

(I’m a manager and I have a worker who is an amazing employee and one of my best cashiers. She’s polite, a hard worker, doesn’t mind covering shifts, goes above and beyond, etc. But actually having interacted with her outside of work, I know she can be a bit of a cold introvert when she’s not on the clock. She likes her privacy and likes to be left alone. I have no problem with this as she is allowed to be how she wants when she is off the clock and not in uniform. One day, she comes in on her day off to do some shopping. I offer a hello and she offers a passive one back to me. Then, another customer approaches her and I hear this exchange.)

Customer: “Hey, you work here, right?”

Cashier: “Not right now, I don’t. Bye.” *keeps walking by with her cart*

Customer: “Can you tell me where [item] is?”

Me: *having noticed that this man is not leaving her alone* “Sir? She is not working today. I can help you find the item you need if you’ll just come with me.”

Customer: *ignores me and keeps bugging her, immediately becoming aggressive at her dismissive behavior* “Hey! Hey, b****, I’m talking to you!”

Cashier: “I know. I’m choosing to not listen.”

(She continues her shopping, doing her best to not look at him, but I can see he’s clearly bothering her.)

Me: “Sir, I said she is not working. Please let me help you, instead.”

Customer: “I don’t want your help! I asked this stupid brat. Young, dumb b****es don’t know how to respect their elders.”

Me: “If you do not stop yelling and harassing other customers, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Customer: “She’s an employee! She works here! She has to help!”

Me: “Not on her day off. Please leave her alone.”

(He grabs the hood of her jacket at this point and I immediately call security, as I do not want him to actually attack her.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to say this one last time: leave her alone.”

(This all wraps up with him continuously refusing while my cashier just stares at him, trying to tug her hood back and continue with her shopping. Soon enough, security gets there and the man gets escorted away, starting to scream profanity at us.)

Me: *sighs, looking at her* “Sorry, [Employee]. I know you like to be left alone. Here, let me get you a free ice cream from the café.”

Cashier: “No. I just want to buy my groceries. Thanks, though.”

(She eventually accepted the ice cream on her break during her next shift and, as far as I know, the store manager banned that man from the store for putting his hands on someone. Pretty good ending.)

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