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No Credit For Even Trying

, , , , | Right | March 2, 2020

(The clothing store I work in encourages its employees to ask customers if they would like to open a store credit card. We require a government-issued photo ID, which the customer must have on hand at the time of applying for the credit card.)

Me: *finishes ringing up the customer’s items* “Thank you, sir. Your total is [total].”

Customer: “Don’t you have any coupons?”

Me: “I’m afraid not. However, if you would like to apply for a [Store] card, you would receive [% discount] on your purchases, as well as earn points towards [perks]. We also have special sales days specifically for cardholders! 

Customer: “Sounds good! Let’s do it.”

Me: “Wonderful! I’ll just need to see a photo ID, please.”

Customer: “Oh. I don’t have that on me. And I don’t show it to strangers, either. That’s how you get your identity stolen! I memorized all the information, though. You can enter it in that way, right?” *quickly rattles off info*

Me: *internal red flags going up* “Um… Sorry, sir. I can’t process the application without a photo ID. But if you’d like to open a [Store] card in the future, just bring in your driver’s license and any employee in the store can help you. 

Customer: “Fine.”

Me: “So, your total today is [total].”

Customer: “I didn’t bring my wallet with me, but I have my credit card numbers memorized. Go ahead and manually enter them in.” 

(The customer quickly recites a long string of numbers, including the three-digit code found on the back of most credit cards, and the expiration date.)

Me: *more red flags going off* “I’m so sorry, sir. I’m afraid I’m not allowed to manually enter the numbers; I’ll need to swipe the actual credit card.” 

Customer: “But I didn’t bring it. My wallet is at home.”

Me: *wants him to leave without an altercation* “All right, well, I can take your name down and put these items on hold for you until closing tomorrow. Bring your wallet in with your photo ID and your credit card, and I’ll make sure you get the same sales.” 

Customer: “Okay!” *gives me his name and wanders away*

(I informed my manager of the incident, in case he tried this with any of the cashiers in the other departments. He never did return to purchase his items.)

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