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No Confusion As To How She Feels

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Last Christmas, I was at my mom’s when we called my Nana. Mom started the call, then told her, “Okay, I’m handing the phone to [My Name] now,” and I talked to her until she was ready to hang up. Partway through the conversation, I realized that she’d forgotten that when she started reminiscing about “when you were giving birth to [My Name]…”

I felt a little sad she’d forgotten she was talking to me but decided to just let her keep her train of thought instead of interrupting to correct her. She’s 92 years old; she’s allowed to be forgetful. She talked about the day I was born, about fate, and about charity. At the end of the conversation, as she was saying goodbye, she said, “I love you.” I, of course, never had any doubt that she loved me, but I thought it was really sweet that she would say that to (who she thought was) the woman who divorced her son over twenty years ago.

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