No Compensation For The Condensation

| Working | December 29, 2015

(My friends and I are eating at a restaurant that is known for not being very good, but is still a popular hangout spot. One of my friends ordered a shrimp salad, in which the shrimp is weirdly covered in black-crusted-something, presumably another oil that was on the grill.)

Friend: “What the h*** is this? I’ve never seen so much crap on my shrimp before. Have you ever seen this?”

Me: “No, not on that level. I wonder if they cleaned the grill before cooking your shrimp?”

Friend: “Well, I’m not eating this.” *she then starts peeling the black crusts off all the shrimps when a waitress walks by*

Friend: “Excuse me, miss? Can you tell me what all this black stuff is?”

Waitress: “That? That’s the condensation. When we cook the shrimp, the condensation somethings starts burning.”

Me: “Honey, condensation doesn’t burn…”

Waitress: “Yes, it does. That’s why there’s black around the shrimp.”

Me: “I’ve been eating shrimp my whole life and I’ve NEVER seen that before.”

Waitress: “Well, that’s how it is. We leave it on so it’s authentic.”

Friend: “Are you serious?”

(The waitress then walked away. She came back to our table with the check, and saw my friend’s plate with a 4-inch pile of crust on it.)

Waitress: “Do you want a box for that?”


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