No Clean Break From Having To Clean The Break

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(The kitchen I work in has just had some maintenance done, and the builders took down and then reattached several hanging cupboards that we use as storage for baking ingredients and canned foods. While I am working in front of one of these cupboards, the inner shelf suddenly breaks down due to not being properly reattached. Several bags of flour and sugar, two glass jars of cherries, and a large bag of rice come crashing down towards me. A lot of it lands straight on my head and knocks off my glasses. Luckily, a coworker is nearby and rushes to hold up the shelf, but the two glass jars break on the floor and spill cherries and juice everywhere. While I’m searching for my glasses, my boss yells from her office next door, not bothering to look into the kitchen:)

Boss: “What was that noise?”

Coworker: “The baking shelf just came down! [My Name] was right underneath it!”

Boss: “Did something break?”

(My coworker doesn’t even bother to reply to that, secures the shelf, then hands me my glasses and tells me to sit down because apparently I’ve got a small bleeding head wound from the stuff that hit me. Five minutes later, while I’m still sitting and pressing a towel against the wound and my coworker is getting the first aid kit, the boss comes in, looks at me, then looks at the cherry-covered floor.)

Boss: “You’re going to clean that up, though, right?”

(That was all she said about the entire incident. Since it was right before dinner rush, I didn’t dare to call out sick. My coworker and I cleaned up as best as we could and emptied the shelf so nothing else would fall down. Luckily I didn’t get a concussion or worse from the accident. The builders who hung the cupboard got chewed out by my higher-ranking coworker, but my boss never mentioned it again. I’m surprised she didn’t make me pay for the jars I “broke.”)

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