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No Change = No Pizza!

, , , | Right | June 1, 2019

(I’m the only delivery driver working an unusually busy weekday lunch shift. At one point, I end up taking out four orders at once. It’s a small town, so I’m able to reach them all just within the allotted time, but the third customer didn’t tell us he would be paying with a $50 bill, so by the time I get to the last stop, I’m almost entirely out of change. When I arrive and the customer opens the door, the place REEKS of alcohol.)

Me: “Hi there, sir. Your total is [total], and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, but just to let you know, the last guy pretty well cleaned me out of change. Were you—“

Customer: *yelling* “What do you mean, ‘out of change’? You f****** b****, you’d better have my change!”

Me: *stepping back* “Well, I’ve got two dollars right now–” *this would leave me with about a $5 tip* “–but if you—“

Customer: “Two f****** dollars? The f*** you trying to pull, you lying little b****! You trying to scam me out of my money?! I’ll kick your f****** a**!”

(By this point, I’m physically shaking. Then, he opens the door all the way and starts out toward me. I turn and RUN back to my car, with him screaming obscenities after me. When I get back to the store, I’m still shaken up, on top of being nervous that I’ll get in trouble for not making the delivery. I walk in with the undelivered pizza and my manager turns and sees me almost in tears.)

Manager: “Are you okay?”

Me: “Yeah, but that last guy is probably going to call and complain.”

Manager: “The guy on [Street #1]?”

Me: “Yeah, [Street #2] paid with a fifty and cleaned me out of change. I was hoping he’d have exact change or be okay leaving the rest as a tip, but if not, I was going to offer to come back here and bring him back his change and a free two-liter for the trouble. But he didn’t let me explain; he just started screaming, and then he came at me like he was going to hit me, so I ran.”

Manager: “Jeez. Yeah, he called here cussing up a storm just before you got back. He said you were trying to scam him and wouldn’t give him his food, but you’re about the last person I’d expect to try something like that. When he started swearing, I just hung up. From what you said, I’m adding him to the ‘no deliveries’ list now.”

(Bonus: I got to keep the pizza he didn’t give me a chance to deliver. Free lunch!)

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