No Chance Of Making Up

| Friendly | June 10, 2016

(I and my family have been stuck in traffic due to the freeway closing, until we look up a new route. We have never driven this freeway before today. It comes to the end of our lane, which we don’t know is ending until then and try to merge.)

Mom: *tries to merge ahead of a lady who is obviously not paying attention, but has left enough room for us*

Lady: *speeds up to cut us off, and puts her makeup down long enough to flip us off as she does so*

Mom: *slams on her brakes to avoid a collision, and gets in behind her*

(The lady then continued to fix her hair and makeup while driving on the highway, swerving from not having either hand on the wheel. Unfortunately this is a one lane road and we can’t pass her. Later once the lane opened up, she sped off and was pulled over later by a police officer.)

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