No Break In Your Happiness

, , , | Right | September 4, 2019

(I’m on break but have been roped into working in the smoke shop of a well-known grocery store.)

Customer: “I need two packs of Players Rich Regular.”

Me: “Okay, what colour is that one?”

Customer: “They usually have to go into the back to get it. It’s not on the shelf.”

Me: “Okay, but what colour is it so I can find it?”

(The customer mumbles something that I don’t catch while I grab the keys to the back. I search the labels for Rich, but all I see are Original, Smooth, and an unlabelled one that I assume must be Rich, of which I have five packs in the shop.)

Me: “I didn’t see any that said, ‘Rich,’ on the package but—”

Customer: “It doesn’t say, ‘Rich,’ on the label! It has blue and gray lines on it.”

Me: “Okay, then I do actually have some on the shelf here. Regular, right?”

Customer: “Yes! How long have you been working in the tobacco shop?”

Me: “I’m actually just doing a break in here right now.”

Customer: “Oh, is that why you’re so happy?”

(The customer asked for two other cigarette packs which were easily found, paid, and left with the receipt.)

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